Artist Statement
April 2019

I’ve spent much of the last four years in what felt like some sort of artistic wilderness. How to paint? What to paint? Why paint it? Does it matter?

I joined a Zen group. Learned to meditate. Learned that my thoughts are just thoughts, reality being largely up for grabs.

I went back to painting basics: Working outside, something I have always enjoyed. Looking for the simplest, most succinct statement of what I saw in front of me. I also worked on a series of color studies using the slightest of shifts in value and temperature. Tried different media including acrylic, watercolor and pastels.

I looked closely at abstract art, particularly Agnes Martin, a minimalist, and Joan Mitchell, an abstract expressionist. Very different approaches. One very subtle, deliberate and meditative, a lover of stripes like me. The other a wildly-swinging, impassioned colorist. I also looked closely at Luminism, a 19th-century school of painting that I have always loved.

These paintings are a result of that research, titrated through me. I don’t think I’m trying to say anything earthshaking. I think I am simply sharing what I find particularly beautiful or moving.

Patricia Kimball